What we do.

Specializing in natural resource and environmental issues that impact public lands and the people that use them.



Our practice is defined by resources of the West.  We work with uranium mining in Arizona, natural gas and helium producers in Wyoming, water rights holders in Utah, and everything in between.




Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas are congressionally designated areas that are protected by the Wilderness Act and and other federal law.  However, all of these designations have a direct impact on human activities on and adjacent to those areas including recreation, watershed health, livestock, and access.  We use a host of tools to help our clients deal with the realities of wilderness management.


Land Use Planning & management:

Public and state lands are managed according to land use plans developed through public notice and comment.  We work closely with local governments and other public land users to ensure that federal and state agencies consider those issues most important to our clients.


Mining, Oil & Gas:

North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah all have incredible mining and oil and gas potential and we work with operators, local governments and landowners to develop that potential through land use planning, administrative appeal, and litigation.

Local Government:

Towns, counties, special districts, and other local government entities deserve a special seat at the table when resolving environmental or natural resource issues or disputes.  We get involved early in any relevant issue and work to protect local interests.


Federal and public land livestock grazing permits are administered according to a dizzying array of rules, regulations, handbooks, manuals and statutes.  We work directly with ranchers, permittees and consultants to protect large and small operations across Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah.